4 km up the Ribeirão river, there are many large pools and waterfalls, of which Sossego Waterfall is the largest. The trail is 8 km away and takes about 2 hours. It is divided into 3 parts with different levels of difficulty. The last part is the most difficult because it is done on the river bed. It is a challenging hike, but also rewarding for its natural beauty.

Cachoeira do Sossego

The Sossego Waterfall lives up to its name as the noise from the waterfall is loud and ‘enchants’ the ears like a song. Cold water relieves body aches and the deep pool provides a delightful experience as you can swim to the bottom of the waterfall.
It is an amazing waterfall and will make you feel very peaceful.

Ribeirão de Cima

During the hike back from Sossego, a must-see stop is Ribeirao de Cima, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in a natural pool, dry off and relax on the large rock formations.

Total distance of tour 14 km walk
Duration 1 day.
Equipment walking shoes, hat, bathing suit, sunscreen, water and snack
Difficulty moderate to difficult


Additional information

Day trip1 day or ½ day