The Marimbus Wetlands
29 km from Lençóis lies the village of Remanso, a remaining quilombo community, which is the starting point for an hour and a half boat ride.

The Marimbus is a flat area where several rivers in the region meet to form small wetlands, lush and rich in nature, plants and wildlife. The boat takes us to a large, 19th century house at the mouth of the Roncador River, where we will have a delicious lunch of typical food of the region. In the afternoon, you can swim in the beautiful and rosy pools of Roncador River. After the swim, you will make your way back to Remanso where the car will take you to Lençóis. This is only a light walk, so it will provide you with a rest after days of trekking.


Total distance of tour 18 km by car, 1h30 by boat or kayak
Duration 1 day.
Equipment Shoes or sandals, clothing, bathing suit, insect repellent, hat, sunscreen and water.
Difficulty Easy – a short walk

Additional information

Day trip1 day or ½ day