Starting at the center of the city, the Serrano pools are only a 15 minute walk. It is a collection of small pools formed by the Lençóis River overlooking the city. It is a great place to bathe.

Salão de areia

From Serrano, it is another 15 minute walk to the Salão de Areia. It is a maze of huge “sand stones” that form a series of rooms, in which it is very easy to lose yourself. The stones crumble into coloured sand and can be seen in many different shades and colours; they are used by local artisans.


Leaving the Salão de Areia is another 15 minute walk to the Cachoeirinha. This beautiful waterfall is about 7 meters high with a shallow pit below. Cachoeirinha is a great place to bring the children. There is the option to visit Poço Halley, a small pool ideal for a lazy afternoon.

Cachoeira da Primavera

A 25 minute walk from Cachoeirinha, which can be steep and challenging, leads to Primavera Waterfall. This waterfall is about 4 meters high. It is the perfect place for an invigorating bath. For the return, another path can be taken with spectacular views of Lençóis. For the more adventurous, Primavera can also be accessed by following the riverbed.

Total distance of tour 7 km walk
Duration 1 day or ½ day.
Equipment walking shoes, hat, bathing suit, sunscreen, water and snack
Difficulty Moderate

Additional information

Day trip1 day or ½ day