Poço Azul

Poço Azul is a cave with crystal blue waters, and is one of the most popular routes in the Chapada. You can swim, or rather float, in this hypnotizing cave. This underground pool was the scene of paleontological studies in 2005 when they found more than 3,000 fossils of prehistoric animals, which makes it the largest submerged paleontological site in Brazil.

Poço Encantado

Poço Encantado is a cave with a pool of beautiful crystal clear water. It hypnotizes any traveller with its indescribable beauty. It is 98 meters long and 49m wide, which makes it larger than the Poço Azul. It is also deeper, and you can see rocks submerged by more than 50 meters due to the transparency of the water. At first sight it is easy to confuse where the rock begins and where the pool ends. With all this and a little more, the Poço Encantado is an unforgettable trip.

Total distance of tour 300 km by car
Duration 1 day.
Equipment Hiking shoes, clothes, bathing suit, hat and water
Difficulty Easy – a short walk

Additional information

Day trip1 day or ½ day